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Hey there! Glad we bumped into EACH OTHER! ^_^
I'm Miss Chay Bella!

I wanted to make sure you're okay! You took a pretty bad fall!
Are you from around here? You don't look too familiar.

In case you wanted to know, we have cool vibes here. 
We make heartfelt lyrics and create our own sounds.

As a songwriter, artist, and poet, MY mission is to bring you along for the fantasy ride!

The question is, will you help along the way?

While BellaNation is such a magical place, you have to be prepared. With friends like Bella, you can do anything!

She makes being ‘Permanently On Vacation' look so easy with her fun attitude, appearance, and hypnotizing raspy voice! But you'll need your own tools!

Now we must EQUIP AND continue our journey.
LEGEND HAS IT, Miss Chay Bella has a secret closet that only A TRUE BellaNation FRIEND has access to!
If you find your opportunity, act quick AND Grab your supplies!
This magic doesn't last very long!

Choose your passage below!

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